Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Glymm Bag - October Edition

So, Glymm came a little lat this month.  Doesn't really bug me much. I prefer they still come in their correct month..which it did.  I'm actually still waiting for my 2 US subs. SO slow this month!  Speaking of waiting...I'm really annoyed that Luxe Box won't be shipping until end of December or beginning of January! How is that a seasonal/quarterly box if they're shipping it 5 months after the first one?  Don't they have MONTHS to plan these boxes ahead of time?  If mine is as lame as the last one, they're the first sub to go! Oh wait..I was supposed to cut back as of this month..

Anyways.. October Glymm bag! It was pink for breast cancer awareness month  It actually had a pink ribbon in it as well, however I picked it up at the PO on my lunch and opened it at work so the ribbon wound up on my work sweater. Pretty colour, but I'm getting tired of these plastic bags...

I'll also add that some girls received product cards, I did not and that annoys me to no end because I didn't get ANY product information not even via email.

The first item was a bonus item. Apparently, they are going to do a special "mama" box which is a great idea. Anyways, I know some girls were upset to receive baby oil..but come on! It's not just for babies!  You can use it as a moisturizer or take make up off..or grease yourself up for a sexy photo shoot. Maybe not..

Full size is valued at $6.42 for 591mL. Sample size is 88mL valued at $0.96.

The next item is Lash Card mascara shield.  I mean, interesting concept.  I totally get mascara on my lids because my lashes touch after I curl...but seriously?  For the price of this item..it's a bit silly.  Anyways, I now have a template to make my own.  I'm sly like a fox.

Full size is valued at 10 cards for $6.99. Sample size is 2 cards valued at $1.40.

This is what it looks like.  It trips me up that the printing is backwards.  Apparently, it's important that you be able to read it in the mirror? lol So silly, guys!

The next item is a mascara from Femme Couture.  The packaging looks a wee bit beat up like it was picked up at a warehouse sale.  That said, I always like trying new mascaras.  I mean what girl isn't on the quest for the best mascara EVER?! I received the colour: Midnight Black.

Full size item valued at $14 for 11.3g.

The next item was great because the previous samples from CyberDerm got great reviews. Mine came a bit crushed and I actually tried straightening it out a bit. I think I read somewhere these are meant to be used together, but again..no idea because I have NO INFO! GRR!

Full sizes are valued at $38 and $60 respectively for 50mL. I'm estimating these to be at 8mL each so I valued them at $6.08 and $9.60 respectively.

What angered me more not know how these are to be used..was opening it and the product gushing everywhere!  I tried to close it as quickly as possible..but come on, this will happen again.  I'm so frustrated as this has happened to me with Glymm in the past and ONLY Glymm.

The last item in the bag was Miss Jessie's Baby Buttercreme.  I had to google and I *still* don't get it.   I thought it was a moisturizer, but the packaging say it's a miracle moisturizer for curls, kinks and waves. Huh? Help me out here...please.  This seems like a heavy product for someone with dry, frizzy, FINE hair.  But, on the plus size it smells delicious.  It comes in several sizes including this one, so that's how I based it as a full size.

Full size valued at $9 for 60mL.

This is what the cream looks like... very thick. It has a beautiful Shea smell to it.

Here are the contents.  I was ready to quit, but they seem to be moving in the right direction.  I'm not sure I'm comfortable to grab them for a whole year even though it would have been nice to get the extra polish in the bag.

I also had to get some sizing/pricing from other blogs because I just know nothing about this months products. :(

Total value is $41.04 (estimated). I pay $11.20 with shipping each month.

That's it! Are you all ready for Halloween?  Living in Winnipeg I dread taking the kids...BRRRR. At least there's candy tax we can impose on the kids, right?! ;)


Sunday, October 28, 2012

End of July - BH Cosmetics Haul

Ahh weekend is almost over!! :`(  Mine flew by super fast and it was a super veg weekend, yours?  I'm trying to catch up on my massive amounts of BH Cosmetics orders, so I'm bringing you one today that I purchased end of July.

The first item I got was the 4th Edition 120 Colour Palette.  I think this was the last of the edition palettes I needed to complete my set.

There are 2 trays inside, each with 60 colours.  Holy, prettiness!!! I just love the variety of the colours in this palette and the wearability!  I think of all the 120 editions this one is my favourite! Pretty much all these colours are shimmers and that's what I love!

Here is a closeup of the top palette.  See the 3rd colour in the first row?  It's a beautiful light blue/grey with gold shimmer...it's to DIE for!  I'm so excited to look at these colours, it's almost better than candy!! :D

This is the bottom palette.  Again, gorgeousness and TONS of wearable colours.  The colour payoff on these is huge!  I can't even begin to tell you how good the quality of BH palettes is.  I think it's time for me to do a proper review, eh?

Some closeup shots of the pretty colours:

Then, just because I can get 2 palettes shipped for the same price, I ordered the 88 Colour Cool Shimmer Palette. The pots are a bit smaller on the 88 colour palettes, but they do have a mirror on the lid, which is kind of nice.

These are the gorgeous colours.  I wish that they would at least post the colours on their site so if they have the full size available we know what to order.  Eekkk... so pretty, right?

Here are some closeups of this palette:

The 3rd one on the bottom there is the same blue/grey with gold as in the first palette...I just can't get enough of it.

Then, I picked up a few brushes. I have to say their brushes are really good quality for the price.  This is the highlighter brush.

Here is a closeup of the brush:

This is a blending brush:

Here is a closeup:

Finally, a small smudge brush.  I think it was a wee bit smaller than I expected:

Here is a closeup. I think it will be good for blending just within the crease.

There you have it! I'm so happy to be getting caught up with these posts.  If there is anything that I've posted from BH today or in the past that you would like an in depth review of, please let me know!  I wish you all a wonderful week!


Saturday, October 27, 2012

Summer Essie Haul AND How much do I spend a year on subs?!

The title may be a bit misleading because I bought a lot more Essie over the summer than what I'm showing. What I'm showing you is my greedy haul when Superstore had the polishes on sale for I believe $6 each.  I couldn't resist, since it's my favourite brand.

This one is Miami Nice:

This one is Wrapped in Rubies:

This one is Beach Bum Blu:

This is Penny Talk (from the recent Mirror Metallics collection):

And lastly, Nothing Else Metals (also from the Mirror Metallics collection):

I wanted to share with you the swatch of Nothing Else Metals.  It's gorgeous!  I have 4/5 of the colours in the collection and they're all super amazing.  It's a bit different than what Essie normally does and it definitely has a wow factor.  I found the application smooth, however if you have a lot of nail ridges/imperfections you may want to use a base coat that is a ridge filler.  I wasn't too picky on it.  I'd love to find a glass like finish topcoat, does anyone have suggestions?

Here is the whole lot from my Essie's on sale and I can't resist haul. ;)  Aren't they so pretty?

NOW...I've been getting overwhelmed with all the samples and such that I've been receiving.  I've been trying to be objective in selecting 3 subscriptions to stay with..and I just can't decide!! I don't know what's wrong with me!  So, I decided to look at how much I actually spend in one year...brace yourself... approximately $2007.00!!!!  That, is INSANE!  It wouldn't be so bad if that was cosmetics (Which I don't even want to add to this total!!) but that's just SAMPLE boxes!! Holy smokes.  I have to do something about that, no?  Have you checked what you spend annually?  My gut is telling me to drop Glymm and Julep. Glymm, because it has been consistently getting worse and Julep because I have too much polish.  Next on the list would be Luxe box, because my box sucked really bad and we're not even getting the winter box until end of December/beginning of January.  They originally were supposed to ship end of October AND they've had my money since mid September.  How could a company take my money 3 months in advance before I even receive anything?

Have a lovely weekend, girls!


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Too Faced - Summery Eye Palette

So, I didn't know Too Faced Cosmetics existed until I went into my first Sephora at the beginning of summer.  While I was there I noticed they had a display for Too Faced and on it was the Summer Eye Palette.  I totally fell in LOVE with it..the colours and the shimmer were right up my alley!  I couldn't find a box though and when I asked the associate she said they were sold out and that should have been taken down.  I was *so* disappointed.  I came home and checked online, sold out.  It's a Limited Edition palette, so I knew I wouldn't get one.  I checked ebay and they were up to around $80.  I wasn't paying that much for what I already considered an overpriced palette at about $45.

Patience payed off, when I finally found on on ebay in late August for about $35! Shipping was around $4, so it was still worth it!  After I purchased it and I guess the interest perked up, she changed the prices to about $48.  I was *so* happy that I found it when I did! Even now, when you look on ebay you won't find it for less than $80 shipped.  Wow! Seriously!  I am so, SO happy I have this! :) 

This is what the packaging looks like, so pretty!

This is the back of the box. It says it's a limited edition resort-inspired eye shadow collection.  I hate when companies hype stuff up to sell out by making it limited edition, such a scandal!

Inside the box, they included a sample of their shadow insurance.  I already bought the full size and it's "ok".

And ta-da!!! This is the beautiful palette!  So, gorgeous!  At the top there is a slot that holds 3 cards that show you how to create a day look, a classic look and a fashion look.  I'm sorry that I forgot to take pics of that for you girls! But, if I try the looks I'll post the card as well. Darren Geller. I pretty much only have one look when it comes to eyeshadow so we'll soon find out if I can make myself look like a clown! :)

This is the far left side.  These shadows are bigger because they are the base colours.  Top to bottom: Day look = Sugar Sand, Classic look = Peach Fuzz, Fashion look = Sunbeam.  Sugar Sand is a shimmery colour and the other two are SUPER sparkly..which I adore!

Then, on the right you have the accent colours.  The top row is Day look = Plumeria and Cocoa Beach. The middle row is Classic look = Coral Crush and Chocolate Sun. The bottom row is Fashion look = Mermaid and Toasted Coconut.  I mixed and matched and used Coral Crush as a base with Mermaid as an accent and it looked amazing!!! The colour payoff and blendability were good and the shimmer was AMAZING.  Just what I look for in a shimmer, with no fall out!

Here you can see the top row is day, middle row is classic and bottom row is fashion.  Man, I just adore these colours!!! :D  I am so afraid to use too much of it because I don't want it to end!! lol

What do you think?

Halfway through the week girlies!!!!


Friday, October 19, 2012

BH Cosmetics Blush and Brushes

Going back in time here!  I feel really good about getting caught up on my posts.  Today, I'm going to share with you a purchase I made at BH Cosmetics in July.  I picked up the 10 colour blush palette and the 15 piece wild purple makeup brush set.  Keep in mind when they ship to Canada, to stay within the $9.00 shipping. You can only purchase 2 palettes (Plus as many other additional products) without shipping going up.  In the case of these brush sets they ship like a palette.  Basically, if I added another palette my shipping would have gone up to $17. Clear as mud?  Sorry..it's one of those days...hope that makes sense!

Here is the palette.  So lovely! Each pot is nearly 1 1/2 inches in diameter.  You can see that there is a lot to play with for many different looks and different seasons.

I payed $10.17 and the regular price is $16.95. Now on for $9.99 HERE.

The top left is more of a bronzer, the top right is a very pale colour and sort of reminds me of Benefit's Dandelion.  It would be good for a bit of an all over the face glow.  The bottom left is a barbie pink, so be light handed! The bottom right is a peachy tones and is my favourite in the palette.

The next two are both shimmery.  I *love* shimmer and shine!  I think I'll even use shimmer when I'm 80! The top colour is a light barbie pink which blends out beautifully with lots of gorgeous fine shimmer.  The bottom colour is a gorgeous shimmer coral.  Another one you have to be light handed with but SO gorgeous.  I think it would look especially gorgeous on dark skin tones.

The last 4 in the palette includes one more shimmer.  The top left is a very nice light wearable pink, another favourite of mine. The top right is a very pale pinky beige. Hard to tell in the pink..but again, super wearable for everyday even with the shimmer! The bottom left looks scary here, it's not actually neon purple lol. Look at the above picture of the whole palette for a better representation.  It's a fuschia colour. Very bright, tons of pigment but with a *very* light hand it would be great on light skin as well! The final colour is a taupey coral if that makes sense. It's a perfect colour for fall, or if you layer it a nice light bronzer.

The other item I picked up instead of a palette was the 15 piece wild purple makeup brush set in a rollup. I chose this instead of another palette because, well..I have almost all their palettes, I love their brushes and this was on for a great price! I most likely won't be keeping it in the rollup because that would be a pain every morning looking for a brush.  I am looking for something nice to store all my brushes in now, since I have a large collection.

I payed $17.97 and the regular price is $29.95. Now on for $18.00 HERE.

Here is how it looks unrolled! I fell in love with the purple. The downfall of these brushes, and the only one in my opinion is they didn't mark what the brushes are for.  Not a huge deal...but would be kind of nice.  Sometimes when you stare at brushes too long they start to blend. haha. There's my joke for the month. :P

Now a few quick closeups: Mascara brush (we all have a hundred of these!), a spoolie (perfect for eyebrows after penciling some in for a more natural look), a fan brush (which I've wanted forever!), an skinny liner brush, a foam shadow applicator (yawn! probably won't be used) and a lip brush.

There's the lip brush, then an angled liner brush, a flat eye shadow brush, small flat eye shadow brush and a blending brush.

Finally, a smudge brush, an angled blending brush, an angled blush brush, a highlighter brush and a blush brush.

This is how the brushes look.  They are synthetic and good quality handle.  The fibres are ultra soft and very nice quality!

I just wanted to show you the nice size of these brushes..they're huge! Love them!

There you have it.  I'm super pleased with both these purchases.  I got a ton of great quality brushes for the price of one Quo brush.  I would definitely repurchase any of these items.  The only negative I had was the rollup came smelling like rotten fish.  It was overpowering.  I let it sit out opened for a week and it took most of the scent away. Now it mostly smells like ultra cheap leather.  The scent isn't on the brushes and I won't be keeping the case to store them anyways.

It's the weekend!